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This credit card sized COM Express® mini module is compatible to COM Express® pin-out Type 1. On 55 mm x 84 mm footprint COMe-mSP1 is a perfect fit for the next generation of low power, ultra-mobile applications that require energy saving x86 processor performance, high-end graphics, PCI Express and Serial ATA combined with longer battery life. These include handheld devices for medical or multi-media applications, small mobile data systems and a host of new applications that have not previously been possible due to size or power consumption limitations.
The Kontron COM Express® mini COM, COMe-mSP1, is based on the highly-efficient Intel® Atom™ Z5xx processor series and Intel® System Controller Hub single chip that combines the memory controller, graphic engine and I/O in a single, space saving chipset design. With only one tenth of the Thermal Design Power and one seventh the size of ULV processors at an identical performance, the COMe-mSP1 COM offers an unprecedented power consumption / performance ratio for x86-based ultra-mobile designs.
The COMe-mSP1 with Flash and memory on-board support 1 PCI Express x1 (opt. 2 x1 if no onboard LAN), Serial ATA, High Definition Audio, LVDS and optional SDVO. 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet is designed in onboard for high connectivity and 8x USB provides fast and sufficient interfaces for external peripherals.
All above mentioned requirements are supported by COM Express® mini - small power - low size - high performance.

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