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The Kontron COMe-cSP2 Computer-on-Module is a COM Express® compact module (95 x 95 mm) with the commonly used Pin-out Type 2 connector. This enables the development of energy-saving, high-end graphics devices based on the Intel® Atom™ processor (up to 1.6GHz) and the Intel® System Controller Hub US15W without having to stray from the secure development path of utilizing an established and future-proof industry standard.
The Kontron COMe-cSP2 offers PCI as well as more sophisticated graphics support with SDVO. Via the PEG pinout, SDVO delivers additional video signals for VGA and DVI monitor outputs, SDTV and HDTV television outputs and TV tuner inputs that greatly simplify system graphics design. This special feature makes this 95 x 95 mm Computer-on-Module ideal for small mobile and extremely energy-efficient multimedia devices as well as for mobile test and measurement applications.
The compatibility of COM Express® compact allows easy interchangeability and ensures design scaleability and future migration paths.

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