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PX4P202 is a 3U PXI/PXIe/CPCI portable platform compliant with PXI Rev2.2, PXIe Rev1.0, PCIMG 2.0 specifications. With the air cooling design and PXIe/CPCI modular design on the platform, PX4P202 has excellent heat dissipation performance, and can save costs on maintenance in the long run.
PX4P202 is equipped with a 3U PXI/PXIe hybrid backplane that has one system control slot, 1 PXIe clock slot (which can also work as a PXIe peripheral slot), 4 PXI/CPCI slots and 2 CPCI/PXI/PXIe hybrid slots. Besides, there is a 400W ATX AC/DC Power installed in the chassis.
The system control slot in PX4P202 platform supports a standard PXI–Express controller (up to 16HP). The backplane of PX4P202 applies PXIe/PXI/CPCI hybrid interconnection technology, realizing flexible data transmission between the controller and peripheral boards. To best meet the demands for function expansion, the chassis supports up to 7 peripheral slots. With the backplane integrated with PXIe clock bus and trigger bus, PX4P202 is highly suitable for testing and measurement applications like clock synchronization and trigger.
PX4P202 is highly applicable in measurement and testing. As a standard form factor, PX4P202 can also work as a traditional CPCI chassis by the replacement of the backplane.
Target applications:
Measurement & Testing, Signal & Data Processing 
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