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PX32101 is a 3U PXI-E system controller based on the newest Intel® Haswell platform. It is designed to provide comprehensive and reliable system controller to support hybrid PXIe-based systems for multiple environments test and measurement applications.
Hybrid PXIe-based systems are often required to complete independent diversified complex testing tasks on the PXI test platform. PX32101 provides rich interfaces: 4 USB2.0 / 3.0 for peripheral connectivities; UART for communication or control equipment; dual 1000Base-T Ethernet, one port for LAN connection and the other one for the control of the next generation of LXI instruments.
PX32101 can support 4 x4 or two PCIe x8-link, and up to 16GB / s system bandwidth. The ExpressCard 34 expansion slots on the front panel allow users to expand the system modules flexibly. If you install a hybrid multi-slot backplane in the system, then various standard PXI-E and PXI / CPCI peripheral cards could be fitted.
In a multitasking environment, PX32101 processor is able to complete multiple tasks independently. The CPU and memory chips soldered with PCB increase reliability performance in shock and vibration environments. Combined with a variety of instrument control interfaces and reliable mechanical & electronic design, PX32101 can meet your hybrid PXIe-based testing for system application requirements perfectly.

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