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VP62106 is a single processor VPX payload blade based on the Intel® 3rd generation CoreTM i3/i5/i7 platform. It enables the highest performance available in 6U VPX form factor with two PCI Express 3.0 x8 lanes in the VPX Data plane for workstation and compute intense applications.
Two x8 PCI Express ports with up to 8GB/s throughput offer a high performance interface to mainstream peripherals and I/O boards.
With a SO-DIMM socket dual channel DDR3 design running up to 1600MT/s, the VP62106 offers the ability to fit harsh environments while maintaining maximum memory throughput and supporting memory expansion using the latest SO-DIMM technology. Moreover, the 3rd generation CoreTM processors offer increased cache size and efficiency as well as instruction set improvements which make the VP62106 a high performance compute engine with outstanding floating point and vector processing performance.
The VP62106 blade integrates three graphics interface such as VGA, DisplayPort, LVDS. Audio port support via the backplane interface enhances media support. Up to 4 SATA (2x SATAII, 2x SATAIII) and 8 USB (4x USB3.0, 4x USB2.0) can fulfill the demand for extra IO ports. Four GbE ports support system level IP connectivity and 4 UART interfaces can be leveraged to interface to legacy devices and consoles. In addition,I2C,PS/2,GPIO interfaces are also provided.

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