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XM61000 supports up to six independent digital video outputs, and one RGBHV analog output.
The six digital outputs are comprised of four DisplayPort™ 1.2 (1-lane) outputs, and your choice of two DisplayPort 1.1a (4-lane), two single-link DVI, one dual-link DVI, or one single- or dual-link LVDS (18bpp or 24bpp) output.
When used as a GPGPU module, the XM61000 provides 576 GFLOPs of processing power, using the industry standard OpenCL™ 1.2 GPGPU programming language.
LHI offers the XM61000  in front I/O rugged aircooled and rear I/O conduction-cooled options. Rear I/O is available on  P14 connectors.

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