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LinkedHope® Launched a 6U VPX Payload with Intel® Haswell the Fourth-generation Core Processor

2016/9/20 14:40:24  Clicks: Source:LinkedHope

September 20th 2016, as an independent embedded computer manufacturer, LinkedHope® launched a China Local-design, Local-manufacturing 6U VPX payload board, named VP62108, which is based on the Intel® Haswell processor architecture.

VP62108 supports Intel® fourth-generation Haswell architecture i3/i5/i7 dual-core or quad-core embedded processor, up to quad-core i7 processor 4860EQ with a life cycle of more than 7 years. VP62108 onboard Haswell CPU architecture supports AVX2.0 (Advanced Vector Extensions 2.0) instruction set and significantly improves data-intensive float point computation performance. AVX2.0 instruction set is very suitable for digital signal processing, graphics & image processing and other similar applications, such as medical image processing and intelligence analysis.

VP62108 also supports Intel® turbo boost technology, and the instantaneous maximum operating frequency of CPU can reach up to 3.4GHz. Thus, users do not need to increase the complexity and cost of the system configuration in order to meet the need of the system for the peak computing power.

VP62108 provides four serial RapidIO (SRIO) x4 links for VPX data plane communications, two x8 PCIe links for VPX expansion plane communications and four Gigabit Ethernet links for VPX control plane communications. Its rich data exchange capability allows users to easily build the whole machine or system-level solutions.

VP62108 supports up to DDR3L 16GB ECC memory and offers reliable data transmission. Its onboard solid state Flash managed by a SATA interface controller can be up to 64GB SLC or 128GB MLC. And the entire board uses the reinforced conduction-cooled design and has a wide operating temperature, allowing the user not to worry about its working stability in harsh environments. This feature makes VP62108 particularly suitable for critical mission areas.

The integrated Intel® Iris Pro 5200/HD4600 display controller supports up to 3-channel display outputs, which can be VGA, DVI, DP or HDMI. With DP interface, VP62108 supports maximum 4K display resolution (3,840×2,160). For specific users who require much more  display processing power, VP62108 can also be equipped with LinkedHope® high-performance independent display controller XM61000 or XM61001 (both support GPGPU functions).

In addition, LinkedHope® provides VP62108 a wealth of software drivers (BSP), including VxWorks, Linux, Windows, etc., which reduce the workloads of system integrators and product developers, and greatly shorten the time-to-market.

Other interfaces of VP62108 include: 4-channel serial ports, 7-channel USB, 3-channel SATA, etc.

Target applications of VP62108 include: Communication, Intelligence analysis, Radar/Sonar, Medical imaging, Audio-video monitoring and processing.

For more information, please visit: VP62108

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