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A LinkedHope® new product, 3U CompactPCI single board computer with Intel® Atom™ Cedarview processor

2016/1/21 10:33:28  Clicks: Source:LinkedHope

January 21st, 2016, LinkedHope® announces its new CompactPCI processor board, named CP32104, a China Local-design, Local-manufacturing product. It is compliant with PICMG 2.0 specification.

LinkedHope® designs CP32104 in a COMexpress® based modular 3U CompactPCI form factor. CP32104 offers a variety of processor options, including D2550, N2600 and N2800.

With excellent anti-shock and anti-vibration performance, CP32104 supports up to 2GB DDR3-1066 onboard memory and onboard 4GB SSD. LinkedHope® commits to deliver CP32104 in next 5 years minimum, as can meet specific industry requirements for long life cycle management.

CP32104 has strong overall performance, high stability, rich interfaces, wide operating temperature and other advantages. It is quite suitable for applications requiring higher reliability and availability in harsh environments, such as rural data communication, network security, or working as Central Control Unit (CCU) of varies equipment.

The modular design of CP32104 meets the requirements for product flexibilities in the process of clarifying product specifications, especially for small quantity applications, as reduces the time-to-market significantly.

According to customer needs, LinkedHope provides two versions, CP32104-AC air cooling version and CP32104-CC conduction cooling version, to help users to quickly develop differentiated solutions.

Target applications of CP32104 include: rail transportation, emergency command and control vehicles, tanks, tooling machines, factory automation etc.

For more information, please visit: CP32104

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