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LinkedHope™ launched a new 3U VPX SBC with SRIO on Data Plane

2015/10/22 10:46:44  Clicks: Source:LinkedHope

22nd October, 2015, Beijing.

The independent embedded computer provider LinkedHope™ launched its new VPX payload single board computer compliant with Intel® Ivy Bridge platform standard, named VP32003, a Local-design, Local-manufacturing product.

VP32003 is a high-performance 3U VPX single-board computer, compatible with PC architecture, especially it is a China Local-design, Local-assembling product. VP32003 is an all-in-one design, supporting the 3rd generation of Intel core processors and QM77 chipset; also supports up to 16 GB onboard DDR3 memory and up to 32GB Disk-On-Modules, these features ensure its stable operation in strong shock and vibration environments. VP32003 supports a XMC interface and various I/O interface such as two SATA600 channels, two Base-BX/T GbE, RS232/422/485 interface and two USB2.0 interface.

The data plane of VP32003 uses Serial RapidIO 2.0 bus, which can be configured as follows: 2x SRIOx4, 4x SRIOx2, 8x SRIOx1. This feature makes it suitable for either distributed switching system or centralized switching system.

To help users implement their application software quickly, LinkedHope provides VP32003 a complete driver package including Windows, VxWorks, Linux and QNX.

In addition to the traditional air-cooled version, LinkedHope also developed conduction-cooled version of VP32003 for more harsh environments, which ensures VP32003 a stable operation between -40℃ and 70℃.

Target applications: industrial control, transportation, aerospace, security and defense and other application fields.

For more information, please visit: VP32003

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