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LinkedHope launches a rugged 2U rack mount data processing system

2014/11/28 15:47:58  Clicks: Source:LinkedHope

28th Nov, 2014, the independent embedded computer provider LinkedHope™ launched its new rugged 2U data processing computer named CP42101, a China Local-design, Local-assembling product.

CP42101 is compliant with PICMG CompactPCI specification, rugged conduction cooled thermal design. With the excellent anti-shock & vibration, superior thermal dissipation performance and its fan-less design, CP42101 can be operated stably in harsh environment. CP42101 adopts the CompactPCI modular design concept, the whole system is designed for easier field repair and maintenance service, so end users can reduce the total cost of ownership significantly.

CP42101 has built-in the 3rd generation Intel Core ™ i7 processor carried by a Computer-On-Module from Kontron,  supporting up to 16GB of memory, and maximum 1TB solid state storage unit, so to meet high performance computing and high volume storage requirements for the large information and data processing applications. Besides, CP42101 sets aside a self-destruct and external encryption capable storage interface and also supports removable external data storage unit with the maximum capacity of 1TB, so the user can protect his data security by choosing to load or remove the sensitive data according to the application needs. In addition to frequently used rear I/O interfaces, such as GbE, USB2.0/3.0, and Serial communication ports output through Mil plugs, CP42101 also provides a couple of hidden user debugging interfaces in front of the chassis, so engineers do not have to frequently move the heavy cables connected to the Mil plugs at the rear side of the chassis during the software debug and testing process.

CP42101 uses high performance electromagnetic shielding materials and high performance computing core and it is fully airtight designed with conformal coating, all above features offer end users a strong guarantee of the successful task accomplishment.

CP42101 can be widely applied in rail transportation (in-vehicle), emergency rescue vehicles, ships, airborne platforms, large machinery and other fields.

For more product information, please visit: CP42101

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