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LinkedHope™ launches a new product - CP69002, 6U CompactPCI 8 independent isolated serial communication board

2014/8/11 16:43:45  Clicks: Source:LinkedHope

August 11, 2014, LinkedHope™, an independent embedded computer manufacturer, today announced its 6U CompactPCI 8 independent isolated serial communication board —— CP69002, which has been designed for industrial communication, and compliant with PICMG R3.0 2.1 specification.


CP69002 adopts EXER 17D158 communication processor as the master control chip. Each of the on-board 8-channel serial port can be individually configured as RS232, RS485 or RS422 via DIP switch, and in any mode, CP69002 can work in extended temperature ( -40 ℃ to 85 ℃ ).
CP69002 can not only be used for serial data communications test and measurement of industrial applications, but also be used to access the traditional computer peripherals, such as serial mouse or MODEM.
In addition, LinkedHope™ provides CP69002 a wealth of drivers (BSP) software support, including VxWorks, Linux, Windows, etc., which may reduce the workloads of system integrators and product developers, and greatly shorten time-to-market.
CP69002 is suitable for rail transportation, vehicles, tooling machines, factory automation, energy and communication   markets.
LinkedHope™ offers air-cooled version (CP69002 - AC) for traditional industrial application, and provides conduction-cooled version (CP69002 - CC) for the strong shock and vibration environment such as military  and railway. Two versions can be ordered flexibly.
For more product information, please visit: CP69002

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