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LinkedHope™ Launches new Video Enhancement Module

2014/1/2 17:23:42  Clicks: Source:LinkedHope

January 2nd, 2014. Beijing. Today, LinkedHope™ launched its new video enhancement processing module, code name: NS51014. The core function of NS51014 is to improve output quality of images and videos captured in harsh environment by cameras. NS51014 accepts PAL composite input  and outputs LVDS at 1024x768. NS51014 uses FPGA implementing video converter plus real time protocol analysis and video enhancement algorithm with only 3 Watt power consumption whole board! The form factor of NS51014 is 118 x 45mm. Ultra low power and Ultra compact form factor make NS51014 suitable for varies kinds of cameras, so to reduce the customer time-to-market.

It’s easy to compare enhancement result processed by NS51014 for images and videos sourced in fog, dust, snow, rain and strong/weak light environment. See comparison below. NS51014 help cameras output higher quality images and videos for those harsh environments.
Typical applications for NS51014:
Intelligent transportation, Avionics, In-vehicle, On-ship and Security

Video enhancement result comparisons:

Fog and dust processing:

Before After

 Light balance processing:


Before After

Weak light processing:

Before     After

For more information, please visit: NS51014

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