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PCI-Systems Inc. announces the start of a new workgroup VITA 62.1

2013/11/11 13:02:19  Clicks: Source:vita-technologies

Sunnyvale, CA--- Nov. 11, 2013 ---PCI-SYSTEMS Inc., a leading supplier of conduction cooled VPX systems announces today that a new VITA workgroup has been started, bringing together the combined knowledge of PCI Systems, Tyco and DAWN in Power supply related extensions.


The new DOT specification will define add-on cards which can be developed for extensive input filtering and HOLD time increase, as well as defining clear rules for battery backup (UPS ) systems using single or multi blades in one rack for high capacity battery packs.


The goal is to make sure that OEMs have a second source for many applications including avionics, medical, industrial and military applications, with high availability and rugged designs.


“Despite there is a huge interest in safe and reliable battery systems, none of the aircraft manufacturers showed interest and also no government system integrator came forward to found this working group,” states Claus Gross, President of PCI Systems Inc., and chair of VITA 62.1 ”it forced smaller companies to take the lead and start to define a standard that finally guides manufacturers into developments for second source availability.”


The first task is to define all pin functions on the 3U and 6U VPX connectors, so all security demands are described in detail to allow many blades to be connected in parallel, conduction cooled and for safety reasons be able to be shut off by software and hardware while not interrupting other UPS chassis functions.


We encourage all VITA members to join this working group as active participants to get all ideas, demands and possibilities discussed, to finalize a premium guideline for UPS developments.

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