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A LinkedHope’ new product: 3U CompactPCI board based on Intel Atom D525 dual-core processor

2012/7/4 9:51:46  Clicks: Source:LinkedHope

LinkedHope has launched a 3U CPCI board recently and its code is CP32001. The product is based on Intel's new Atom dual-core processor D525, besides it has the Atom series processor's ultra-low power characteristics, and also integrates image processing cores and memory controller. Compared to the previous generation Atom N450 processor with Northbridge 945GSE chipset combination, it has a better computational performance and image processing capabilities. Its characteristics are of high cost, which can reduce the cost of the customer effectively. CP32001 has low power consumption, stable operation so it is ideal for harsh environment applications such as military, rail transportation and industrial automation equipment.

  Atom D525 processor matched with CP32001 can provide dual-core multitasking computing power of up to four threads. CP32001 on-board DDR3-800 SDRAM has up to 4GB capacity. RGB display a maximum resolution of up to 2048x1536 pixels. Other supported image features include Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology DVMT 4.0 (Intel Dynamic Video Memory Technology 4.0), DirectX9, and Intel Clear Imaging Technology (Intel Clear Video Technology).

  As for the I / O interface, CP32001 can support up to two 0/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface, three SATA ports, a CF / CFAST card interface, six USB ports, two RS-232 serial interfaces (the way in which support RS422/RS485 interface), PS / 2 keyboard mouse interface and so on.

  CP32001 product specifications parameters:



Intel Atom™ D525 1.8GHzDual core 1M cache13W TDP


Intel ICH8M-E Chipset


On-board 2GB  DDR3-800 SDRAMup to 4GB capacity


AMI EFI BIOSBattery-free design


The software is programmed to generate a reset signal in the 1 to 255 seconds.

Hardware monitoring

Support temperature monitoring on voltage and CPU


1 channel VGA display interface, the integrated 3D high performance VGA controller, the display resolution is 2048x1536;

BIOS supports to switch back and forth display output

1 channel LVDS Leads through the high-speed connectors;

Bus expansion

1 Road x4 PCI Express bus interface

Match CPCI spec2.0 Rev 3.0

support up to 9 PCI peripheral boards and 32-bit / 66MHz PCI bus; On-board high-speed expansion interface

I/O interface

3 SATA interface

1 CF card interface

6 USB2.0 interface

2 RS-232  Serial interface (the way in which support RS422/RS485 interface)

PS / 2 keyboard and mouse interface

8 GPIO interface5 GPI3 GPO


2 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet interface

Audio frequency

1 channel audio input, output and MIC interface

Power type


Power Consumption

Max.17WD525 & 2GB of memory);


The standard 3UCPCI 160 x 100 mm

Working Temp.

-25+75industrial),-40+80wide temperature range);

Storage temperature


Relative humidity


Operating system

WindowsXP/ Vxwroks6.8/ Linux

The CP32001 supporting expansion cards:

● CFast expansion card (4PH): supports 1 channel CFast interface, 1 channel USB DOME interface, and 1 channel USB interface.

● SATA expansion card (4PH): supports 4-channel SATAII output, RAID015, 1 channel USB DOME interface.

● On-board SSD expansion card (4PH): Maximum support 128G, SATA interface, maximum support read 100MB / s, Write 60MB / s.

● 4 GbE expansion card (8PH): supports 4 channels Gigabit Ethernet which is front panel outlet.

● 2.5 'inch hard disk expansion card (8PH): supports on-board 2.5 "hard disk interface; the front panel supports 2 USB output, 2-way serial output, 1 Road PS2 keyboard and mouse output, front panel reset button and HDD LED.

● Audio expansion card (8PH): supports on-board ALC888 audio decoding chip; front panel audio output; Line InLine outMicFront panel supports 2-way USB output; front panel reset button and HDD LED; front panel support PS2 keyboard and mouse, 1 channel output (optional, if space allowed).

● 4-port expansion card (8PH): front panel serial output, RJ45 interface, serial work lights.


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